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What exactly is a postural study?

The aim of a postural study is to find the best riding position for a cyclist’s body. This is done with the help of an advanced ergonomic study.

It is designed to enable the cyclist to find the ideal riding position on their bike (mountain bike, road bike) in order to optimise their performance, while ensuring their comfort and health.

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What is the purpose of a postural study for cyclists?

The MorphoLogics Postural System postural study helps cyclists to improve their performance while ensuring their comfort and health, thus preventing them from developing a range of pathologies.

In fact, bad posture when cycling can be the cause of many of the pains that cyclists suffer from. No part of the body is spared from the risk of trauma. It can affect the spine, the joints of the hands and feet, and the muscles of the lower and upper limbs.

As such, having a good posture helps to optimise cyclists’ performance, but also prevents joint pain and muscle tension.

An advanced postural study has therefore become an essential step for any cyclist, whether they enjoy short bike rides or longer journeys.

The different tools/criteria for finding the perfect riding position

Foot position

Having good foot position on the bike pedal is absolutely crucial for cyclists. The point of contact between the foot and the pedal remains the most important support point when it comes to ensuring an optimal cadence and energy transfer.

An incorrect cleat position disrupts the athlete’s performance, but above all, causes distressing pain in the long term.

Thanks to the ML Cleat®, it’s easy to position the cleat and attach it to the shoe, as the cleat axis must be level with the joint at the base of the big toe. This means that the foot will be comfortably positioned in the shoe, the support of the cleat will be perfect and the efficiency of the energy transfer fully optimised.

Image du produit ML Cleat | MorphoLogics

Fit the bike according to the cyclist’s morphology

Whatever the bike, it must fit the cyclist’s morphology. To do this, an accurate reading of the anthropometric measurements of the athlete is required. This is where our ML Size device comes in.

The values are transmitted to a digital tablet via Bluetooth so that the results of the study can be obtained quickly, and with optimal accuracy.

Image du produit ML Size | MorphoLogics

Adjusting the position of the pelvis and the saddle

Once the anthropometric measurements have been taken and analysed, it’s time to adjust the bike. The adjustments and modifications made by the technician are specifically adapted to the morphology of the cyclist.

Our ML Right device enables them to make all the necessary modifications effectively.

Just like the ML Cleat, this device allows for a measurement transfer that combines speed, simplicity and reproducibility, whatever the type of bike.

Image du produit ML Right | MorphoLogics

The benefits of a postural study for cyclists

Advantages for cyclists

Personal adjustment for each rider: Whatever the type of riding (triathlon, road, gravel, mountain, electric, etc.), Whatever the level of riding (elite competition, competition/ultra endurance, exercise, leisure, urban), Whatever the brand (Look, Shimano, SPEEDPLAY, TIME, Assioma, etc.)

100% reliable adjustment

Adjustment that is effective in three ways: Comfort + Performance + Health

The benefits of a postural study for professionals

Advantages for professionals

A new way to improve your service offering, an additional key lever to make you stand out from competitors with limited services.

A way to demonstrate the added value of your team to your customers and strengthen their loyalty over time.

An innovative service that will enable you to promote your point of sale.

An opportunity to develop the skills of your teams, salespeople and mechanics.

An innovation that is “Made in France” by an experienced company with expertise in cycling ergonomics.

An innovation that is quick and easy to use

Gaining ergonomic expertise without having to complete a PhD

Being part of a certified network

Postural study rates

Postural Study

150 € TTC

Cleat position adjustment with ML Cleat

30 € TTC

Transfer of Measurements from study onto bike

50 € TTC

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